Group Work in Gorgeous Grasmere by Rosie Turner

As the days are coming to an end at Grasmere, we’ve done so many amazing activities that have made my experience worthwhile. I feel like I have become a lot more confident and feel better just being myself around other people. The leaders have helped me to discover my true self and have coaxed me out of my shell to try new things and just basically be myself.

The activity where we went gorge walking was absolutely fantastic; it started the week off in such a good way and made me excited for the rest of the weeks activities. Our team learnt to work together by looking after each other and passing back information. There were lots of deep bits and raised rocks which made the activity harder but more fun. There were natural slides and deep pools where you could swim: sliding down the biggest drop was an amazing experience which made me want to do it again… so I did! The instructors were helpful and told us how to get down the drops even though they had told us multiple times already.

I’ve made so many new friends and have talked to people who I normally wouldn’t think too have a conversation with. The experience I have had has been one that I will remember for a long time. It is definitely worth doing.