Public Speaking by Molly Drew

Taking part this summer has been completely life changing. During the program, I was able to take part in outdoor activities and personal skills workshops which both taught me a lot about myself and my team mates; but the opportunities didn’t stop there! Once I had finished, I was approached by the director of Imagine You Can UK who asked me to host our graduation evening alongside a fellow graduate, Harry Twohig, from the program in 2017 who had been a volunteer this summer. If it hadn’t been for the skills I had learnt, I may have been inclined to deny the opportunity. However, I now had the confidence and the belief in myself to do it.


The day of the graduation evening was nerve racking. But when I arrived at Macmillan Academy where it was to be held and I met with the Imagine You Can Team and all of my friends from NCS, my fears melted away. The greatest thing is that you not only develop as a person, but also develop as a team; so I knew that after everything I had overcome with my wave during the 4 week program, this was another stepping stone I could overcome with them by my side.

The evening was a complete success! Watching videos and looking at photos that had been taken during the program was amazing, seeing what just a small number of the young people in Redcar and Cleveland had achieved and the difference that we had all made to people’s lives.


A few weeks later, Dave, the director of Imagine You Can UK, rang me and asked if I would be interested in hosting the North East Star School Awards alongside Harry. The thought of hosting an evening in front of a group of complete strangers was a really scary thought, but I had already proved to myself that I could do it at our graduation, so I was more excited than anything else.


Of course, this was another fantastic night which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. This evening gave me the opportunity to network with people in all walks of life and to meet and share experiences with other graduates from the North East. Everyone was so proud and supportive of Harry and I which made the night even better!

This has taught me that it is extremely important to grasp every opportunity that comes your way and make the most of it, as many of these opportunities lead to others. I have thoroughly loved my experience and I can’t wait to see what other opportunities come my way.


Thank you so much to Harry, Dave and all of the IYC team!